Enterprises and ships must dance

While sheer size in the past few years was a key success factor for companies – especially in the research-intensive market segment – today the signals are increasing that classical evolutionary factors such as agility and adaptability play an increasingly important role.

The video of the dancing ships shows for me almost ideal typically how companies have to be set up today. It is dominated by smaller units; these are placed with respectful distance to each other. All subunits (national organizations, etc.) stand by themselves and resonate with external forces.

Cordage, ropes and cables (rules of the game!) give the companies and ships the necessary free movement, the necessary freedom, depending on the prevailing boundary conditions and conditions. In the case of ships, these are wind and wave and the “competitors”, ie neighboring boats. If you look at companies in the market, they also need rules of the game. Legislators and management must specify this. The goal remains the same: “survival”.

No less important: tolerance and respect, represented here by the buffering boat fender. Endurance and forgiveness – if one should have come too close, if one should have touched too hard – is guaranteed.

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