As a diver and manager, I gain my experiences in concrete situations – and usually under pressure and uncertainty. Again and again, I experience situations that are thought-provoking. They force me to rethink what I have learned to the present day. They sharpen the view of what really matters under extreme conditions. That is, what I talk about in my key notes.

The company in situation of breathlessness

Even companies can run out of air – and well before you notice it in the balance sheet. The people are caught in the hamster wheel, the management acts headless, the customers get out of sight. How to manage this? Only by a paradox!

It takes disorder of everyone in the company, as far as the perception of the inside and outside world of the company is concerned. And at the same time there is a need of order, resulting from action-guiding values ​​and principles. This is ensured by good managers. And diving teaches them how to do that.

An experienced diver will in many cases only run out of air when he forgot to check whether the bottle is empty or not. This normally should be completely under control. On the other hand, an inexperienced diver, due to a lack of experience physical and mentally mostly overloaded, tends to panic. This panic leads to a self-intensifying vicious circle of increasing demand of air. Both reasons, physical and mental overload, are often to find as a base of on crises in companies.

The keynote shows how managers, even under pressure and uncertainty, keep a firm grip on the situation, decide correctly and courageously, and set the course for the company in such a way that the essentials happen and the insignificant fails to materialize.

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I love change situations – and keynotes serve as powerful instruments in change situations. Keynotes are impulses full of momentum and impact. Well embedded in a bunch of further measurements, they are able to whip organisations ahead to the tipping point where “talk and plan” is converted into “action”.

Human spirit wants to be free and human beings want to productive.

–––––––––––   Bodo Antonić

My Mission

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I am a manager and a diver. More precisely, I am interim manager, who should initiate the change for the better with limited time and limited insight.

Both areas of experience – diving and managing – belong together for me. They interpenetrate. Whether I dive into the water or into the company: I must orientate myself anew every time, interpret signals, communicate clearly and make courageous decisions.

Underwater, as an experienced diver, I take responsibility for a group of people. No different in the company. Here too, as a manager, I take responsibility for people and the company’s success.

This requires professionalism, focus and a guideline. This is a matter of course for divers – and should be a tool for managers. So that you and the company do not run out of breath prematurely.

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