Podcast: Staunch and experienced executives

Imagine that you would be on a sailing ship in a storm. Or underwater and one of the scuba divers has a serious problem. Alternatively: Your department or even the whole company gets into economic slump. And now please ask yourself: Do you want to handover the rescue to an insecure and inexperienced person as captain, dive guide or manager? The answer is obvious.

Crisis situations are moments of scarcity. It’s about everything, about survival. In most cases, the situation is confusing and the time to act remains limited. Also, there is often a lack of resources. It is important to make clear decisions. This requires calm, serenity and experience.

Crisis situations are moments of concerns and anxiety. When it comes down to the business and the bones, we feel stressed and fears can overpower us. Many of us will never or rarely have experienced such a situation, we lack the experience of having survived the situation. At this moment, it is all about one basic human need: trust.

Now, let’s face it, how high do you estimate the probability that your fellow human beings want a young person, usually with little work and life experience, as a leader in a crisis phase? And how much trust does a person create who is perceived by his environment as a little gripping, unstable, fickle and unbalanced?

Your answers show us the way. In the crisis, we want people to be leaders whom we can trust and who also have a high level of experience. Therefore, when choosing crisis leaders, we should pay special attention to one thing in addition to all the university diploma and certifications: strength of character and integrity. An MBA may be valuable in times beyond the crisis, during crisis other properties rule.


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