Rulebreaker 2

Rules - limits and possibilities

Last week, I shared a pretty cute hamster video clip about breaking rules and, more common, innovation and disruption. The posh little guy, his video and the message behind it seemed to be very pleasing.

Reason for me to see if there are more videos on the subject. I was quite astonished to see that the YouTube treasure chest offered a lot :-).

See again the hamster, furthermore a dog and a cat. The three of them show us quite individual solutions (in a wider sense) for the topic “people in organization”.

My firm conviction: There are people who have quite wonderful services in using a given solution path. People who are able to provide a high level of efficiency. And there are people who are looking for new ways and who do not adhere to specifications.

When humans and organizations apply both for themselves, when they become balanced (“ambidextrous”) with and by them, they achieve something wonderful. They become efficient, effective and therefore productive.

It needs the targeted break of the rules, but it also needs governance. It needs diversity.

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