Survival as a principle

Constantly our environment is changing. Customers have new requirements, competitors bring new solutions. Whole industries are in transition. Everywhere we encounter the terms VUCA, agility and disruption.

The keynote shows that survival is not a matter of course. And that “survival as a principle” can serve as a guideline for effective action, especially in the economy, when fashionable management slogans threaten to obscure the clear view.

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3 reasons to stay in contact with each other

Companies have to be flexible like ships. While sheer size in the past was a key success factor for companies – especially in the research-intensive market segment – today the number and quality of signals are increasing that classical evolutionary factors such as agility and adaptability play an increasingly important role. Ships in port are loosely knotted together, just as corporate employees must communicate with one another. With a respectful distance and yet with the chance to resonate with each other.

Again, the industry met in Vienna at Medizin Medien Austria to discuss the current challenges in the pharmaceutical sales force.


As a part of the attendees Dr. Bodo R.V. Antonic. He described out of his perspective the necessary steps to transform the traditional field sales forces, to make it become more flexible and more productive.

With full commitment to the relevance of pharmaceutical sales forces, which, however, must be able to deliver significantly higher productivity contributions in future.

Dr. Bodo Antonic in interview at the Digit 2015.

Key questions in this interview were the current health challenges.

His thesis: The pharmaceutical business model will change drastically in the next few years, just as the topic of digitization and patient centricity will become more and more important.


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